About Henda Salmeron

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Cliff Notes: Real estate broker, author, inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, community leader, breast cancer survivor & advocate, adventurist, endurance athlete, adrenaline driven type A control freak, a mom, and have a Texas Law named after her.

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Grit Under My Nails – A Memoir In Three Acts: “I arrived on American soil with two suitcases, some cash in my pocket, and a work visa. I also had a bottle of fine 1966 Portuguese port—my birth year and a farewell present from a longtime friend. And I was very alone.”

So begins the journey of a South African born woman on a quest to escape a painful childhood and find the identity of her father. What follows is the surreal story of how a successful Dallas realtor, workaholic, and couch potato turned ultra-endurance racer and accidental lobbyist attempts to change her state’s standard of care for breast cancer detection.

Henda Salmeron’s 2009 calendar looked, in her words, dismal. Semi-suicidal and fat in February. Stage 2 breast cancer diagnosis in June. A heart attack in August in Peru. Cardiac rehab and breast radiation in September. Complete nutcase by December. An agonizing five-day, 100-mile race in the Himalayas promises a way to save herself. But can she also convince the Texas legislature to save potentially thousands of women like her? Unexpected friendships, crushing defeats, and unlikely victories conspire across several continents as the universe keeps her guessing how her own story will turn out.

Real Estate Broker: Integrity & Experience. As an award winning Broker Associate with Dave Perry-Miller Real Estate, I’m a proven specialist. Highly qualified and conscientious, you can count on me to listen and act in your best interest. I understand the complex, ever-changing housing market and my expertise allow me to counsel and guide you, whether buying or selling a home, relocating or any other real estate needs. Throughout the entire sales process I offer honest and professional advice every step of the way. As an expert (tough and fair) negotiator you can count on me to tenaciously negotiate on your behalf and always represent your highest interest. I’m your partner and make your goals my own. I understand what it is like to be in transition and relate to the uncertainty when making a major life change and will make you feel at ease during the home buying or selling process. Finding creative solutions to the challenges of residential real estate is my specialty and providing you with my personalized service is my passion.

Breast Cancer Advocate and Henda’s LawA breast cancer survivor since 2009, she became an activist in the fight against breast cancer, particularly regarding dense breast tissue. Her personal journey and lobbying efforts to change the standard of care turned into a major victory when Governor Perry signed Henda’s Law on June 17th, 2011 in Austin. Texas became the 2nd state to educate women, create awareness about their breast density, and that supplemental screening in addition to mammography may benefit them and save their lives. Under her leadership today 37 states have dense tissue legislation and her efforts continue at a federal and FDA level.

The rest of the story: As an avid adventurist, ultra-extreme endurance athlete, amateur photographer and author, Henda has traveled the globe to create a lifetime of memories, both under and above the water. She plays many sports and loves to scuba dive, sail, water/snow ski, road cycle and dance.

Henda has never met a challenge she hasn’t loved and seek fun and happiness every day.

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