About Henda

Hedna Salmeron arrived from South Africa on American soil in 1990 with two suitcases, less than $600 in her pocket, a fine bottle of 1966 Portuguese Port, a work visa, and the American Dream.

Since, Henda has become a United States citizen, a mother, an Award Winning Real-Estate Broker, an accomplished investor, serial entrepreneur, a published author, an ultra endurance race global competitor, a breast cancer survivor who served on the Board of Susan G. Komen – Dallas, and an accidental power lobbyist who passed one of the most important and influential healthcare bills in the nation in 2011, known as Henda’s Law Texas HB-2102.

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Henda’s Law National Breast Density Campaign 

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Henda’s Law changed the standard of care for EVERY woman in the State of Texas on June 17, 2011.

House Bill 2102 requires all mammography centers to specifically notify women about DENSE breast tissue and the increased risks associated therewith.

The battle is not over and breast cancer is still very real affecting EVERY SINGLE woman in the country.

Henda’s Law is calling all Mothers, Daughters and the Men who love them to continue the fight by registering your support and enter your email below.

The goals of this campaign are:

  • Make women aware of Henda’s Law and knowing their breast density
  • Get screened annually with a 3D Mammogram that is now the standard of care in Texas
  • Collect 50,000 electronic enrollments of support and use Henda’s Law to drive change at a federal level for consistent density disclosure for all the states and the women in the armed forces

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